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5 Most Friendly Cat Breeds in the World

Most Friendly Cat

Most Friendly Cat. Like humans, each cat race has its own personality. Reporting from The Nest, there are three basic personalities that distinguish them, namely depending on curiosity, mood stability, and level of friendliness.

Most friendly cat Suitable who likes to hug cats

This time we will discuss what cats are the most friendly, both for humans and other animals. Friendly cats are usually very interactive, social, and do not hesitate to express affection for humans.

So, want to know what cat breeds are included? Do you think the cutest in your house is on the list or not, huh? Come on, see the following!

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Here 5 Most Friendly Cat Breeds

1. Sphynx

Do not judge a book by its cover. This cat does have a fierce appearance, but it turns out to be affectionate.
In fact, a study from the Journal of Veterinary Behavior called the Sphynx the number one friendliest cat in the world.

Sphynx are likable humans, they live to please their humans. This Egyptian cat does not hesitate to hug, play and “chat” with you. The Sphynx isn’t a high-maintenance cat either. Therefore, in return, give them as much love as possible, yes!

2. Persian

Persian cat is one of the popular breeds kept in Indonesia. Its fur is long, thick, and a snub nose. Even though their expression looks fierce, they actually like humans. This cat breed is not fussy so it is very suitable for family care.

Whether you realize it or not, Persian cats love to be petted and petted. They also don’t hesitate to pet you. The way to make Persians happy is to hang them by your feet.

3. Exotic Short Hair

The Exotic Shorthair has the same personality as the Persians because they both come from the same parent race. They are very calm, calm, but really like to play with other people.

Not only that, the Exotic Shorthair is also loyal and won’t leave you alone. They truly deserve the title of being one of the most affectionate cats in the world.

4. Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are cats known for their cute faces. The folded ears give off a cute impression. It turns out that they are also very friendly with humans, you know.

Reported by Purina, you could say the happy times for them are when they are at their employer’s side. They always want to follow your activities and don’t realize that you are different from them. So don’t be blocked when they want to be close to you, huh!

5. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the largest cat in the world. They can grow up to one meter long and weigh up to 11 kilograms. Apart from being known for their jumbled bodies, Maine Coons are also known for their friendly nature.

This cat likes to socialize, interact and play with humans. They are also child-friendly so they are great for family upbringing. You have to ask him to do activities often, huh!

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