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5 Wild Cats in the Forest, Beautiful But Very Ferocious

Wild Cats

5 Wild Cats. As we know, cats were once wild creatures that lived in the wild. However, humans domesticated them so that they could be more tame, adaptive, and able to become pets. Even so, there are still many, you know, cat species that live in the wild.

Cute and beautiful wild cat

In general, they still look like cute cats and have a small to medium build. But don’t be fooled by his appearance. Wild cats have strong hunting instincts, do not want to be approached or touched by humans, and are very agile in moving around in the wild.

Want to know what types of feral cats exist in different parts of the world?

5 types of wild cats in the forest

1. The sand cat

The sand cat or Felis margarita is a wild cat with the smallest body in the world. They are characterized by a head that appears to be widened to the side. They live in desert areas, such as in Africa, Morocco, Nigeria and Algeria.

At first glance they look very cute, but the sand cat is actually a fierce hunter. Rats, birds, insects and rabbits are often their prey. They aren’t even afraid to fight desert snakes, you know.

Not only nocturnal, sand cats also like to be alone. The thick leg pads made his movements completely inaudible. Unfortunately, this one species is an endangered animal.

2. Canadian lynx

The Canadian lynx is one of the most popular wild cats in the world. Their physical characteristics are quite different from others, you know. This species has a large body, long and muscular legs, thick fur, and pointed ears.

You might have guessed it, this wild cat lives in cold and snowy places. That’s why the paw pads are thick and look like a pillow.

The Canadian lynx is a solitary and shy animal. They only come out of hiding at night or when the environment is quiet. Even so, this cat is quite fierce. They can prey on much larger animals, such as caribou.

3. Caracal

Caracal has an appearance that is no less unique. Its distinctive features are orange fur and pointed ears with black fur at the ends. From his appearance, Caracal looks cute like a domestic cat.

This cat from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia is very tough, you know. They are able to jump from a height of 2 meters, can hunt agile, and have good survival skills.

4. Pallas’s paint

Pallas’s paint or also known as Manul has a pretty scary appearance from the outside. His fur was long and thick and his expression was very fierce as if he was ready to pounce at any moment.

This cat from Central Asia has round pupils, unlike other cats which are oval and sharp. Unfortunately, Pallas’s paint is very rare because they like to be alone. They are also rare animals, so no one dares to bother them in the wild.

5. Black-footed cats

What comes to your mind when you see this cat picture? Surely it’s really cute, right? Black-footed cat or Felis nigripes has a very small body when compared to other bobcats. Plus, her round face, short legs, and unique body pattern add to her cuteness level.

Even so, don’t ever underestimate this one cat, huh. Reported by LiveScience, the black-footed cat is so fierce that it has been named the most dangerous little cat in the world, you know. Why is that?

According to the PBS Nature documentary, this little guy is able to kill 10 to 14 prey overnight, from mice to birds to insects. They are adept at killing. The success rate of the hunting process reaches 60 percent. This figure is three times the record set by the lion, you know.

Apart from the 5 Wild Cats mentioned above, there are many other wild cats that live in the forest.

Starting from Pampas, Kodkod, Serval, Asian golden cat, Margay, and others. If you meet them, don’t ever try to monitor or approach them, yes. When threatened, they don’t hesitate to attack!

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