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About Blobfish, The Ugliest and Most Unique Fish in The World

About Blobfish

About Blobfish. In the world of fauna, there are several animals with unique shapes such as the ugliest fish in the world and all of these fauna are living things that we must protect their sustainability somehow to prevent their extinction.

Here are 5 Facts About Blobfish

One of the animals with a unique shape is the Blobfish. This fish is famous for its ugly face, even so ugly this fish whose shape does not resemble fish in general.

Even so, Blobfish has a lot of mysteries, even in the world of science only a little that can be extracted from this ugly animal. Here are some interesting facts about Blobfish. The following is the review

1. Blobfish popularized by a fish named Mr. Blobby

This ugly fish is famous worldwide thanks to a Blobfish named Mr. Blobby, who was lifted ashore by the NORFANZ expedition team in New Zealand waters in 2003.

Scientists are very interested in the fish whose habitat is at a depth of more than 1 km below the sea and they named the fish with the name Mr. Blobby. Chances are if you search for Blobfish images on Google then what will appear is Mr. This blobfish.

The uniqueness of this fish, apart from its ugly face, always looks sad. In the corner of his mouth was a type of parasite that looked like snot that seemed to want to drip out like he was drooling.

Now, Mr. Blobby has been preserved at the Australian Museum, and according to the museum the preservation process made his nose a little smaller than before so it was less adorable.

2. Blobfish are the ugliest animals on earth

A community called the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which is a community that raises human awareness of animals that are not attractive and less attention in the world.

Where in 2013, they did an online voting to choose a new mascot for the worst animal in the world. Based on these approximately 3000 votes, Blobfish received about 800 votes.

This ugly fish has managed to beat the ugliest animals in the world such as proboscis monkeys, testicular frogs, pig-nosed turtles, and genital lice.

3. In their natural habitat, the blobfish is not bad too

So far, maybe we know this fish only through the internet, and the picture we see so far is a fish that looks like a mucus clot that always salivates with a face that always looks sad.

However, in their natural habitat, it turns out that these fish are not as bad as when raised on the surface, because at a depth of between 600 meters to 1.2 km the sea water pressure is higher, so the fish’s muscles are higher. do not loose like when on land.

4. Does not have a swim bladder

Most of the fish in this world have an organ called a swim bladder. This organ is an air sac that allows fish to swim and maneuver without drowning.

Blobfish do not have this organ, because in theory this organ will not be able to survive and will explode when it is in the depths of the sea which is the habitat of this ugly fish, which is 1 km below sea level.

This fish uses its meat which is gelatinous and takes advantage of the high air pressure on the seabed to be able to swim. So that when this fish is lifted to the surface, the meat that can make it float becomes tender.

5. Not an Active Animal

On the deep seabed, it turns out that food is not always easy to get, so the Blobfish, which is one of its inhabitants, evolved into a marine animal that has a lot of energy even though it only eats a little.

Therefore, in their daily lives, most of these fish only relax with small movements. This fish only opens its mouth when there is something to eat, and this method is the most effective way of hunting for animal groups like this fish.

Well .. Friends of Zooloverz that’s an interesting fact about Blobfish

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