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Beautiful Rabbits: 7 Cutest Rabbits in the World 2021

Beautiful Rabbits

Beautiful Rabbits: For some people, having a pet is a must. The reason is, animals can indeed be very cute and can also be used as ‘friends’ at home.

Therefore, many people decide to keep animals in their homes, such as cats, dogs, birds, fish, and rabbits.

The most beautiful rabbits in the world

Especially for rabbits, these animals have various shapes, sizes, colors, and unique personalities that bring their own color among other pets.

In fact, the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) has officially recognized at least 50 types of cute and unique rabbits that are certainly suitable to be kept.

Some of the funniest types of rabbits in the world

1. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

From the name alone, you can imagine that this type of rabbit is very small. Moreover, the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit also took a long time to adjust to humans. But calm down, with patience and love, you will soon see their true personality.

2. Dutch Rabbit

The Dutch rabbit (Dutch Rabbit) is one of the most popular rabbit breeds. Socializing is key to this energetic rabbit.

Not without reason, the Dutch rabbit can become depressed if it spends too much time in its cage rather than outside. Due to its relaxed nature, children are allowed to care for this rabbit.

3. Blanc de Hotot

Originally from France, the Blanc de Hotot rabbit can easily be found due to its striking appearance. Just look at his eyes, which are like surrounded by ‘black eyeliner’ which contrasts with the white body part.

The Blanc de Hotot is perfect for making pets so they can grow up together. Frequently invite this rabbit to go out for a walk, surely your relationship with Blanc de Hotot will be even tighter.

4. Checkered Giant Rabbit

Checkered Giant Rabbit is one type of giant rabbit. Weighing up to 5.8 kg, this rabbit is suitable for being kept by lovers or people who are looking for friends.

Amazingly, the Checkered Giant Rabbit is more independent than other rabbit breeds. You will easily recognize this rabbit because of its nose which is shaped like a butterfly.

5. Belgian Hare Rabbit

Belgian Hare Rabbit or Belgian rabbit is one of the oldest types of rabbits in the world. If you are interested in keeping them, you should keep the Belgian rabbits outside as they thrive outside.

You also need to be patient in caring for Belgian rabbits. Most of these breeds of rabbits have nervous personalities. Moreover, they will also immediately get scared if they meet new people, it’s no wonder if you are required to introduce yourself first.

6. English Lop

Yes, the English Lop rabbit has indeed been named the rabbit with the longest ears. However, due to its long ears, this rabbit requires slightly different care.

Their ears need to be checked regularly and their nails should be kept short, this is necessary to reduce the risk of injuring their ears if they are stepped on.

7. American Rabbit

Launching Good Housekeeping, if this is your first time raising rabbits, the American rabbit is a great choice because of its calm and sweet nature. Even so, this rabbit should be kept away from small children.

Investigate, apparently the American rabbit is very shy and will probably bite if it’s not treated gently. With regular care and a healthy diet, these rabbits can live up to 12 years.

Those are some of the cutest rabbit breeds in the world that make you want to keep them right away. In your opinion, which number is the most irritating?

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