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Five Important Criteria of Best Food for Pregnant Cat

Pregnant Cat food

Pregnant Cat Food – When I figured out my pet is pregnant, I was extremely happy. I know you feel the same when you knew your cat is going to be a mommy. But feeling happy is not what your cat needs. She needs nutrients for her and her babies. And she needs you to provide those nutrients. Can you do it? Help your cat giving birth to healthy kittens by preparing the best food for pregnant cat.

Before learning about the right foods to feed your pregnant cat with, you better learn about the nutritional needs of your cat. Below are all you have to learn so that you’ll be prepared to welcome the cute kittens to the world.

Best Thing to Feed A Pregnant Cat

Why do you have to prepare the best foods just for a cat? First, because you love her so much so that you want the best for her. And second, your pregnant cat needs foods that help growing healthy babies. Here are some other reasons why best foods are important.

  1. High quality nutrition that’s also balanced is important to help momma cat maintaining ideal body weight also to develop healthy kittens.
  2. Cat that’s well fed and healthy is going to gain weight steadily throughout pregnancy course. But she should not get weight too fast.
  3. You can help providing nutrition to your pregnant cat by making special food based on digestible recipes that are formulated for growth and development of kittens. Try making foods based on recipe that’s formulated for lactation and gestation.
  4. Providing small meals for your cat multiple times every day will help her maintaining nutrient intake and adequate calorie especially during third pregnancy trimester.

Even though you need to feed your pregnant cat with proper foods that contain lots of nutrients, you must be careful so that you won’t feed your cat too much. If she gets obesity, she might give birth to smaller litter. Besides, obesity will also decrease the milk production of your cat during her lactation.

It is better to feed mommy cat with small meals several times each day instead of feeding her twice or three times with lots of meals. Some snacks or treats are allowed but always be careful so that you won’t give her too much.

What Is Best the Best Food for Pregnant Cats

When you’re looking for the right food for your pregnant felines, make sure those foods meet these criteria down here.

1. Contains lots of animal protein in high quality

Protein is an essential element of cat’s healthy diet and it becomes more important when your cat is pregnant. Nursing cat and her kittens need at least thirty percent of crude protein. If you can give more animal protein, that’s even better. Remember that your cat needs animal protein instead of vegetable protein.

2. Foods with energy dense

After giving birth of kittens, many pregnant cats might lose about forty percent of body weight that they got during the pregnancy. The rest of weight would be gone during the lactation. You have to support her energy requirements during both pregnancy and the nursing period by looking for recipe that’s energy dense. Your cat needs diet that contains high calorie to support her lactation.

3. Natural ingredients that are highly digestible

Whole food ingredients like animal proteins, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and whole grains are most nutritious ingredients that are also biologically valuable will help your cat enjoying her meals easily. By products and fillers usually don’t come with same nutrition quality. Besides, those products cannot be digested easily by pregnant cat.

4. Diet that’s balanced and complete

Your cat will get nutrition that is going to be given to the kittens. That’s why you have to provide foods that have balanced nutrition. Mineral and vitamin supplements can help balancing out the cat food’s nutritional content. Do not hesitate adding supplements to the foods you have prepared for the soon to be momma.

5. Meals that contain higher moisture

Pregnant cat is going to need lots of water during pregnancy because she must be ready to feed her babies. Seventy percent of her milk is from water, so you have to choose canned food and fresh food since wet food contains more moisture compared to cat’s dry food.

Good Food for Pregnant Cats

Though you can buy best food for pregnant cat, try making our own homemade food for beloved pet cat that’s pregnant. There are some ingredients that contain enough animal protein your pregnant cat would need. Make sure you cook them well and clean all the bones before cooking. This helps your pregnant cat eats healthy foods easily so she and her kittens won’t lack of nutrition.

1. Cooked chicken

Cook some fresh ingredients that are going to give you healthy cat food for pregnant cat. The ingredients include peas, green beans, chicken liver, chicken breast, and chicken thigh. Mash the ingredients and cook them together with enough water to bring them to boil.

2. Lots of animal protein

Another recipe requires you to use salmon, eggs, beef liver, chicken, and chicken broth. So many sources of animal protein here are going to keep both the pregnant cat and her kittens healthy since those ingredients don’t contain grains, starchy fillers, and other ingredients that have low nutrition.

3. Cooked turkey

Chicken liver, chicken, turkey, and turkey broth could be the right ingredients to make a healthy yet tasty cat food. You can also add chicken meal to the mixture since chicken meal is animal protein’s concentrated source.

All you have to do is just cooking them with no onion nor garlic. Both spices aren’t good for your cat, especially for pregnant cats. However, you might want to ask your vet about which foods your pregnant baby is going to need. Tell the vet about the plan you have to make your own homemade food for the pregnant cat and listen to what he says. Always follow his direction when making decisionos.

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